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Interlingua is the leading school for English language learning in New Zealand for private and group lessons

Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform
In 1929 W.O.N.P.R. was founded to rescue America's families and communities from the ravages of ten years of alcohol prohibition.

Judges Against the Drug War
For the past thirty years Judges have looked on as America’s War on Drugs has played itself out before their eyes. They have seen the inevitable increase in police powers and erosion of civil rights needed to facilitate the asset forfeiture.

Voluntary Committee of Lawyers
The VCL is an association of lawyers and judges whose members share strong misgivings about the wisdom and consequences of America's perpetual drug war.

Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies
Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies favors the return of the drug problem to the domain of the medical profession.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Current and Former Law Enforcement Workers Who Oppose Drug Prohibition.

The Drug Policy Alliance
The Alliance is the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs.

The November Coalition
Working to end drug war injustice, the November Coalition, a non-profit grassroots organization, was founded in 1997.
The CCLE is dedicated to protecting and advancing freedom of thought in the modern world of accelerating neurotechnologies.

Flex Your Rights
Protect Your Civil Liberties During Police Encounters.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Students Opposing Drug Prohibition.

Hotel Degree distance learning
Offering degrees in Hotel management.

Internet College Directory
Internet College Courses, Classes, and Degrees.

Homework Help Online offers homework help online that includes free essays, research and term papers on a wide range of topics.

Learn Languages Abroad
Learn Languages all over the world. Languages schools network to study Italian in Italy, German in Germany, English in the UK,...

English UK
English UK is the national association of accredited English language centres.

Toad Hall Montessori Nursery School
Montessori allows children to express themselves both as individuals & as members of a group.