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Text link advertising: Sponsored Links (Left Position)

You can add your site or directory to the section Sponsored Links. Your text link will be visible in all categories/subcategories. The max. lenght of website title is 25.
Cost: ONLY 5.95 monthly (Buy now or subscription every month)
Availability: Max. 25 links
SPECIAL OFFER: For additional 1/month your text link will be bold, all UPPER-CASE letters and in top position.

Banner Advertising: 160x160 (Left Position)
Your image ads will be placed in left section (Under Text link advertising). That means your banner will be visible in all categories/subcategories on Our directory.
Cost: ONLY 8.95 monthly
Availability: Max. 5 banners
Banner Size: 160 x 160 pixel

After the payment, please send us your website details (Name, E-mail, URL, Title/Banner) to: and your website will be placed within max 48 hours.

Note: We DO NOT accept sites with adult, gambling, narcotics, steroids, drug paraphernalia, warez, illegal content. If this is the case we will ONLY refund 50% your payment and cancel your subscription.